Monday, January 13, 2014

Faith is all you need

Thousands of candles have been lit over the years at this church that is undergoing renovation. People simply troop in, light a candle, spend a minute or two in prayer and leave...

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Forgot to carry your shopping bag and had to fork out extra to carry your groceries home. I just hate it, knowing that the cost of the plastic bags is built into the product cost. But, who's going to argue right? Plastic bags, zippered bags, tiny little plastic pouches that we just throw away...We either just get rid of them or store them for "future" use which rarely happens.. Check out this link... New uses for old plastic bags..Got some gems there...
Love, love love this..Check out the entire gallery here..Simple, symmetrical, clean lines and so uncluttered.. I just love the simplicity of a bathroom like this... Would cost an arm and a leg to fit something like this in a city like Mumbai though :) and not to mention a real task to keep clean... 

Friday, January 10, 2014

A father plays a very important role in a child's life....or so we are told... But I think there needs to be an asterisk at the end of that sentence... And the fine print should read "an active father"...
Women go through life putting up with an uninvolved husband and father thinking that's best for her children because they need a father. But how true is that? Will they grow up to be secure, well-adjusted people just because their parents lived under the same roof their whole life?  The occasional outing, the rare one hour of baby-sitting, the paying of bills.. Is that a father? Is the role of the father truly defined?
This is isn't a feminist rant.. It's a thought that has been nagging me for almost 3 years now... Should a woman stay with her husband just because he is the biological father of her children? Is a biological father the best father a child can have?

Mirror mirror on the wall...

Saw this post today about celebrities with not so attractive spouses... Now how subjective is beauty? Once you see the gallery you scroll through and have thoughts of "yeah, mismatched couple for sure"... will you feel a pang of guilt for being sooo judgemental or will you say "yeah well... whatever", and move on to the next gallery?
Either way it's pretty rude and the author very cleverly leaves out any captions of any kind leaving room for enough ambiguity depending on what you find attractive...
Take a look..

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Mumbai, Mumbai wherefore art thou?

Some more older musings:

You look at this city and you wonder when did it start going to the dogs? Did it always stink of human waste and depravity? Are we just beginning to notice? Will we reach such a state that the city will implode leaving nothing but pieces of our lives that we have so meticulously put together like a doll house?

Sitting in an auto heading to work today stirred up some intense negative feelings for the city I have called home for the 27 years I've lived here. I know this feeling was bubbling just beneath the surface but today I actually felt the desire to simply pick up and walk. Acting on that desire would most definitely be the best thing I will ever do.

Turn a blind eye?

This is a little something from my previous blog that I feel compelled to carry forward:

Everyday you wake up to a new onslaught of egos, tongues that drip acid and 24 more hours of absolute mayhem. You can choose to ignore or hold on to every syllable that makes you want to simply kick someone's teeth in. The experience of learning the hard way just does not make up for the anger and loathing that you feel and the toll it takes on you mentally and of course physically. Do you grin and bear it or do you let it get under your skin? Do you train yourself to become obnoxious o survive or do you hold on to your dignity? Questioning yourself alone is enough to drive you round the bend - leave alone acting on your thoughts.


I've started and discontinued a couple of blogs almost always never having had the discipline to follow through. Those were "me too" blogs and I really never put myself into it. This one is close to me because of the way my life has changed in the past 2 years. It's changed in ways I never thought possible...initially all bleak, but always, always with a shining bright golden lining.

I don't want to limit this blog to any specific topic. So you'll find a melange of musings, recipes, anecdotes, experiences, a few pictures and of course rantings...